Vernacular is now accepting pitches!

Vernacular operates by using a mix of both commissioned and pitched texts. We are now accepting pitches for exhibition reviews of about 600–800 words. Please familiarise yourself with our aims and values which can be found on the ‘about’ page of our website and within the first editorial article.

Pitches should include:

︎︎︎  the exhibition you’d like to respond to, why you think it’s important that it be documented on Vernacular and why you would like to be the one to write about it.

︎︎︎  tell us a little about yourself, your involvement in the arts and your favourite ARIs or galleries.

︎︎︎  note any experience, whether strictly professional or not; if you’re the pal that your friends go to when they need something written up or edited let us know!

Please send your pitches to Orissa

Please note that we are a small operation with a limited publishing capacity.

Vernacular is an artist-led platform for critical discourse and connection in Aotearoa. All content of this publication is free to access, however, we are working on establishing a paid subscription option to help support ongoing costs of Vernacular for those who are willing and able to help. If you would like to support the publication in the meantime, please feel free to contact Orissa.

Thank you for reading   ︎

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